Project Description


Bridge Street Development Corporation (BDSC) is a leading faith-based, government funded non-for-profit organization whose mission is to build partnerships with businesses, government, and other community stakeholders to provide civic and economic opportunities to the residents of Central Brooklyn. BPR provides events’ coordination, publicity, and marketing, and advertising campaigns on BSDC’s many projects including “Grand Opening of the organization’s first green buildings “Joshua’s Court” and Noel Pointer Apartments”; In addition, BPR manages BSDC “Fresh Start” Home Resource Expo and have produced a 27-minute radio show on WWRL during second quarter, projected key brand messages and a call-to-action.


Campaign Objectives

  • Raise awareness of BSDC’s “Fresh Start” Home Resource Expo brand
  • Manage large-scale community-wide event
  • Generate media coverage
  • Provide homeowners and renters with must-have affordable housing, financial, home repair, and energy information
  • Strengthen BSDC’s reputation as major faith-based community resource

“Fresh Start” Home Resource Expo
Media & Marketing Strategy
Develop media and marketing strategies that brand “Fresh Start” Home Resource Expo, using the following communications tools:

  • Design branded “Save the Date” Card
  • Assist BSDC in selecting venue for event
  • Collaborate with creative design firm to create advertising to promote the event
  • Create print advertising, radio spots, bus shelter posters, online/website banners
  • Place non-paid ads via Web posting, radio interviews, branded content (stories, news articles, etc.), public service announcement, grassroots marketing, churches’ newsletters
  • Solicit sponsorship
  • Write press release and media advisory
  • Secure speakers
  • Hire photographer
  • Provide postpublicity services
  • Manage logistics
  • Offer 360° event management via on-site presence



  • BSDC “Fresh Start” Home Resource Expo generates wide-spread community awareness.
    • The 2014 “Fresh Start” Home Resource Expo attracted more than 400 participants residing in Central Brooklyn and Queens, NY
    • Delivered high-visibility media coverage
    • Received excellent feedback from approximately 25% of it participants residing in Central Brooklyn